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About Us

About US

We, Hebei Jiuheng Rubber & Plastic Moulds Co., Ltd, was established in 1996. We are the pioneer of moulds making industry in hebei province. 
We owned the best machinery for moulds, have CNC, CNC milling machines, CNC electric discharge machines, CNC wire-cutingmachine.
We have modern Design Center, use Pearl CMM to survey & inspection, guarantee the best quality of the moulds.
In the last 23 years, We supplied many high precision moulds for many industries all over the world. 
For USA market, We supply plastic mat of scooter since the year 2004 ( moulds design, moulds making, and finished goods and customer services)
Italy market:  We supply meter cases since the year 2005 ( surface design, moulds design, moulds making, products producing & customer services)
Spain market: meter cases and pipe fittings.